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At Cohen Eye Associates we pride ourselves on providing first-class service to our patients. When you visit us you'll see an expert eye doctor, not a technician. And unlike other eye care centers, we don't double-book our patients. Your time is important to us. Providing top-quality eye care in a timely manner is our #1 priority.

We are located in the lower lobby of Reliant Energy Plaza at 1000 Main St. There is ample parking in the building, which is accessible from Travis. We are also just a short walk from your office via the Houston Downtown tunnel system.

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Our friendly and capable staff has years of experience in providing top-quality eyecare. We never rush you and aim to give you the kind of care we would give our family. Our patients are often impressed by the amount of time they personally get with the doctor.

We specialize in high-quality, designer frames for the discerning patient who wants the best fit and finish available. Modern, chic, classy - our eyewear comes in a variety of styles to match your taste. If we don't carry a brand you want, ask us about special-ordering it.

We use the best technology and techniques available to make sure that your examination is thorough and any and all issues are accurately diagnosed. Below you can find more information about some of our advanced technology.

For the patient who wants more information about a diagnosed condition, we have curated links to resources that you can browse at your convenience.

Reliant Energy Plaza 1000 Main Street Lower Lobby Houston, TX 77002
(713) 658-8301
(713) 658-8301
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Services We Offer
We offer a wide range of optometric services. Our state-of-the-art equipment helps us provide the most accurate diagnosis and prescription possible. We have an on-site lab for spectacle fabrication so that patients who want new lenses put in their existing frames can get their new lenses as quickly as possible and avoid the hassle of sending the frames out to a laboratory. Our tools include:
  • Optos Daytona Ultra-widefield Retinal Imager
    This highly specialized retinal imaging device allow us to detect and follow retinal diseases such as retinal holes and tears and detachment. Since we are able to see the optic nerve we can monitor changes in the nerve head associated with glaucoma. The macula is also viewable so that early signs of macula disease is seen. This ability to see these structures every year helps us to detect any changes early so that we might intervene.
  • Cirrus High Definition Optical Coherence Tomographer
    This high resolution ultrasound allows us to to follow not only glaucoma but also macular degeneration as well as macular holes and detachments.
  • ZEISS Atlas Topographer
    This device allows us to measure the curvature of the cornea and produces topographical images that can help in the diagnosis of corneal diseases such as Keratoconus and Pellucid Degeneration.
  • Humphrey Matrix
    The new highly sensitive frequency doubling instrument allow the mapping of the visual field for the diagnosis and follow-up.
  • Automated Phoropter
    This highly sophisticated instrument allows for the most accurate prescription determination.